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Hike to the active volcano in Geldingadalur 

Have you ever seen a volcanic eruption in person? Now it is possible if you travel to Iceland and book this volcano eruption in Iceland tour with an English-speaking guide. This hiking tour lasts around 8 hours with transfers, which allows enough time to admire the active volcanic eruption in Iceland, an amazing chance to see the lava up close. 

After thousands of earthquakes that struck the Reykjanes Peninsula, Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted on March 19th and spread across the Geldingadalur Valley. The eruption is limited to this valley, a very accessible place for all those who want to take a walk to witness this amazing show of the nature.






Volcano eruption in Iceland tour

Level of difficulty: Moderate (2 / 5)
Activity duration: About 8 hours.
Minimum age required:  8 years old.
Price includes: Guided tour to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, English-speaking guide, roundtrip transfers from Reykjavík, headlamp, local taxes.
Scheduled departures: Departures everyday at 8:00 am (depending on weather conditions and eruption).  Pickups available in front of the corresponding tourist accommodation / stops in the capital of Iceland.

What should I bring? No matter what time of year you decide to travel to Iceland, it is always important to bring a proper waterproof jacket, warm clothes (waterproof pants like Gore-tex), good waterproof shoes, gloves, light hat, sunglasses, camera, food for the hike and water.


After several weeks with thousands of earthquakes in the area, on Friday March 19th the eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland began. This volcano is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, where there are up to six volcanic systems, lined up side by side. The eruption of the volcano takes place in the Geldingadalur valley, a site that does not pose a threat to populated areas or infrastructure in Iceland thanks to the fact that it is surrounded by hills and higher ground, which prevents the lava from flowing to other areas. Streams of lava flow from the volcanic cone into the valley, slowly but surely filling it. You can see steam and gases rising from the growing lava field, as well as the newly formed crater.

The Reykjanes Peninsula is an area famous for being full of geothermal wonders. In fact, the peninsula is a UNESCO Global Geopark and is part of the global network of geoparks. The peninsula is made up of mountains of volcanic tuff that were formed in subglacial eruptions and several series of craters and volcanic systems

Important Note: The area is currently open and it is not considered dangerous to the public. Scientists and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergencies are always monitoring the area closely and informing the public if there are any updates. The area is open to the public but can of course change without notice. The safety of the clients is the number one priority, therefore, the tour is subject to the instructions of the authorities.

Hike to the volcano eruption in Iceland

Volcano eruption tour in Iceland

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